Top 7 Holiday Sleepover Ideas - My Sleepover Party

We look forward to this magical season every year. What better way to spread that cheer than by throwing a wonderful sleepover for your kiddo and their friends? Choose a Christmas theme or another fun favorite.  We’ve put together a list that’ll fill your kid’s sleepover with the holiday spirit.

1) Bust out the Holiday Matching PJ’s ❤️💚

It’s a pajama jammy jam! Snap some picture perfect memories and get ready for a night of fun (Inquire  about our Christmas and holiday themes with photography package)

2) Watch a Christmas Film 🎥 🍿

The winter holiday’s can’t pass by without watching some Christmas movies. Here’s a list of 55 family friendly Christmas movies

3) Create a Cupcake Bar

Get festive! Set out an array of plain cupcakes, different types of frosting, and an assortment of toppings for this yummy and fun holiday sleepover activity.