Party Themes


Party Themes

Unicorn Dreams

A dreamy escape into the magic of glitter, rainbows and unicorns. This beautiful party theme will set the stage for the most imaginative sleepover ever .

Girl Power

To all of the princesses, bring on your power! A night adorned with glitter and glam in shades of pink and gold will create beautiful memories you’ll never forget.

Mermaid Magic

A mermaizing escape into a magical underwater world where you transform for the night and make memories with friends in our mermaid cove decorated with custom mermaid blankets, pillows and decorations.

Ice Cream Dreams

Get ready for scoops of fun! Sprinkle on the good times with the sweetest sleepover – the stuff of party dreams!


Power nap, no way! You’ve got the world to save! Ready for a night of adventure and fun, the superhero tents are the perfect cave to celebrate. Super hero pillows, decorations, masks and capes are the ultimate way to create a sleepover you wont forget.

Game Time

The game is on! Level up with the coolest sleepover theme. You won’t want to power down from this night of fun and excitement.

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