How to Create the Ultimate DIY Sleepover Experience

One of the most fun ways to celebrate your children’s birthdays is to have a sleepover. A sleepover is a fun activity for kids of all ages. Furthermore, sleepovers are an important part of your children’s developmental progress.

You might be wondering what it takes to host a sleepover at your home and how much the entire setup will cost. The cost factor may cause you to reconsider hosting one on your princesses’ next birthday. But don’t worry, My Sleepover Party offers all your party needs for a DIY setup in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, & Connecticut. You don’t have to spend money on buying all those pillows, blankets, sheets, and decorative accessories; it just takes a little time to set up the tents and plan different activities according to the party theme to leave a wonderful sleepover experience for the kids

To host the ultimate sleepover, you can find everything in one place by booking with My Sleepover Party. Follow these easy steps to set up your DIY ‘Party in a Box’ once you’ve received your rental package:

  1. Unpack the My Sleepover Party ‘Party in a Box’
  2. Inflate the mattresses
  3. Place sheets and blankets on the mattress
  4. Add decor – LED fairy lights, personalized name signs, and garland
  5. Place decorative pillows

Now that you have assembled the luxurious tents, here are some tips that will make planning easy and help you host the best slumber party!

1. Party Invitations:

Every party should start with an invitation, so your slumber party should be no different. Making invitations is a terrific way to confirm the number of guests who will be attending the party and make the necessary arrangements.

You can get free and customized invitations online for whatever theme you like. You can even create your own invitations by decorating them and adding a personal touch; you can even use photos of your kid!

If you are planning to have some special activities that require specific clothes, be sure to include all the necessary details on the invitation. This information will assist parents in packing everything necessary for a wonderful party.

2. Party Snacks:

A sleepover party is not complete without special snacks. There are tons of easy snack recipes that you can prepare on your own, but if you are short on time, it’s better to stick with snacks that you can buy from the stores. This is the safest way to ensure every picky eater has something they can enjoy.

3. Matching Pajamas:

Best friends love to wear matching clothes during a sleepover party. To make the party more exciting, communicate with the parents and ask them to send the kids with a matching set of pajamas. If you know everyone’s sizes and you have the budget, you could also buy the PJs yourself.

If pajamas are out of your budget, you can shop for other matching items like sleeping masks, socks, robes, or slippers; these are some of the adorable choices offered by the My Sleepover Party Shop.

4. Sleepover Activities:

A sleepover is a wonderful way for your daughter to make friends for life; there will obviously be a lot of giggling and fun. However, you should make sure the girls stay busy by planning crafts, games, and other activities. These activities could include baking a treat together, making friendship bracelets, or playing hide and seek.

5. Tent Setup:

Make sure to choose the biggest room in your house if you are planning an indoor setup. You should set up the DIY tents, mattresses, pillows, etc., in the sleeping room as comfortably as possible. Most of the time, the living room makes for the perfect spot. 

Be sure to include extra blankets and pillows; to add a little more fun, make sure there is a TV in the room so the kids can enjoy a movie night!

6. Guest Preferences: 

It’s always a good idea to speak with the parents of all the kids before the party to know if their kids have any food allergies or particular food preferences. This will help you to know what food items are best for the party. This can sometimes be a difficult task, so plan different items for snacks, dinner, and for morning breakfast. Kids are often hungry, so plan accordingly to keep them energetic during the party.

7. Simple Meal:

If you’re hosting a party for adults, your menu will likely be more elegant and impressive. However, for kids, it is much easier to choose a simple menu. Pizza is a common menu item for sleepovers. If you are on a budget, get some frozen foods that are simple to prepare. Chicken fingers, French fries, macaroni and cheese, or hot dogs are a few foods you can consider for the menu.

8. Fixed Bedtime

Make sure to have a fixed bedtime when you’re hosting a sleepover party. This doesn’t mean that the girls must go to sleep; however, turning down the lights will help them to wind down. 

Be sure to help the kids set up their sleeping bags so they have a place to sleep. Offering your assistance will make the kids feel more included and comfortable. 

By placing the head side of the sleeping bags in the middle of the circle; the girls will have an easier time talking to each other before bedtime. Once the lights are out, you can expect to hear a lot of laughing and whispering for a while, but these late-night talks are one of the best parts of a sleepover.

9. Simple Breakfast: 

During a sleepover, the chances are high that you and the girls will feel tired the next morning. So it’s best not to focus on preparing an extravagant breakfast; rather, a simple one is best. You can have donuts, a few boxes of cereal, bagels, or muffins on hand for an effortless meal. Pancakes are always a breakfast favorite, or you can have some fruits as well on the breakfast table. Make sure to have the food ready when the girls first wake up. Since they’ll wake up tired, breakfast can help make everyone feel positive and energized.

10. Outdoor Setup:

If your kids like the outdoor setting up outside can provide the ultimate party experience! You can set up in your backyard or check with nearby museums, aquariums, zoos, and other attractions that offer sleepover events to host your sleepover party outside.

Sleepovers are a unique opportunity that every kid is thrilled to attend, and My Sleepover Party is offering party tents and accessories for rent in NY and NJ at an affordable price. Check out the party shop for the party favors you might need to add excitement to the party. You don’t need to worry about your budget when you host your DIY dream sleepover for your child. Doing the setup on your own doesn’t just save a few dollars, it makes you seem involved, and it will leave a lasting impression on your child.

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