Celebrate Mother's Day: 9 Unforgettable Teepee Party Ideas

Celebrate Mother's Day: 9 Unforgettable Teepee Party Ideas

As Mother’s Day rolls around the corner, here are some great party ideas for you and your little one or your other mom friends. We’ve mapped out a list of eight different themes to celebrate all the hard work moms do! From custom pajamas to entertaining activities, we’ve got you covered. 

1. Empowering Women - Girl Power Theme / Glory: Black Girl Magic Theme

Daughters look up to their moms as an inspiration, and we’ve created a party to make you both feel special. Decorate the room with Girl Power themed balloons and wear matching girl power shirts. While at the party, write down some positive affirmations to show how strong you and your little one are. 

2. Pajama Mama - Bohemian Romance Theme

With our Bohemian Romance theme, have a pajama party in custom pajamas, sleep masks and fuzzy socks. Have your daughter decorate her own pillow case to have an epic pillow fight. If you’re in the mood for a calmer night, have your kid get cozy in their satin pajamas followed by a fun game of karaoke.

3. Bake It ‘Till You Make It - Ice Cream Dreams Theme

A night full of sweets is a night to remember and our Ice Cream Dreams theme is just what you need! Get custom aprons with your names on them or buy plain aprons and fabric markers to decorate your own. Follow the three step guide to making ice cream in a bag or get some sprinkles and frosting and decorate a cupcake or cookie. 

4. It’s Show Time - Netflix & Chill Theme

Sit back and relax for a movie night with our Netflix & Chill theme. An easy way to stay organized is to have a personalized caddy that can hold drinks, candy, and popcorn for all your snacking needs. If you’re a fan of both sweet and savory popcorn, set up a popcorn bar that can cater to everyone’s wants and cravings. 

5. Dance Fever - TikTok Theme / Let's Glow Crazy Theme

The TikTok party theme is all the rage right now so why not have a dance party?! You and your little one can unleash your dancing talents and keep up with the latest trends. Not a TikTok fan? Our Let’s Glow Crazy theme has glow in the dark pillows and décor that would be so fun to show off all your dance moves. Get groovy with it and get these Glow in the Dark props. Want to double the fun? Have everyone dress up in neon or white clothing and watch everyone glow with a black light and glow sticks.

6. A Picnic to Remember - Enchanted Garden Theme

As the weather starts to get nicer outside, let’s enjoy with an outdoor picnic themed sleepover. Get cozy in picnic blankets, satin pajamas and sip on cool drinks while you enjoy a variety of activities. Plant your wishes true by writing them on a piece of paper, putting it in the dirt, and pouring water over it along with some glitter. Finish off the night with some watercolor painting in the moonlight.

7. Spa Night - Magical Unicorn Theme / Bohemian Romance Theme

Indulge in a little self care with our spa themed party experience. Enjoy a face mask of your choice with your daughter to kick things off and get you in a good mood. Light up a candle, put on some nice music and get comfortable in custom silk robes. Get yourself some custom slippers and scrunchies to feel more at home. Once you’re all set, make a refreshing mocktail and paint your nails with your daughter to end the night. 

8. Uncorked - Mom’s Night Out / Adult party

Want to get away from the kids for a while? Invite your friends over for a nostalgic night with a piece of the present. Start off with matching pajamas and custom wine tumblers so you never take a sip of the wrong drink. Keep the party going with a DIY wine tasting where each mom brings her own bottle to try. Set up a charcuterie board with dozens of options for cheese, meat, and your favorite snacks. If wine and dine isn’t your thing, feel free to have fun writing a letter to your future self and creating goals for them too on your own mood board. Finally, end the night singing your heart away to your favorite songs with the girlies with karaoke. 

9. Themed Teepee Photoshoot

Our themed teepee setups serve as the perfect backdrop for a fun-filled photoshoot. Hire a professional photographer to cover your special event. Add on custom banners and props for the cutest pictures that will last a lifetime. 

Do you want to make your next celebration unforgettable? We have a theme for every occasion! Email us to plan the perfect sleepover party!

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