Bright Easter and Sweet Spring Sleepover Ideas

Sweet Spring Sleepover Ideas

The chilling winter is over and the days are getting longer. The weather is getting warmer and the warmness of the day signals something special. Yes, it is the beginning of the sweetest spring season and of course, Easter is around. It is the time that you have been waiting for a long time to celebrate with your family and friends. Easter is incomplete without a party and if you’ve decided to celebrate the holiday this year with an intimate guest list, you might want to consider planning an easter party with menus, activities, and gifts for all to make the occasion feel special. You can make these holidays even more special and memorable by throwing a kids’ special Easter party. When you think of your kids, think of a sleepover party.

Something that you must look for is some exciting Easter party ideas to choose from and make the kids enjoy their best. The variety of party ideas available might be overwhelming to you and you must be looking for a budget to wrap up all the party arrangements yet without compromising the fun. To make your Easter sleepover party memorable, My Sleepover Party has listed some of the fabulous party ideas that you can choose from. You just need to buy or rent a glamping style teepee tent and DIY your party from top to bottom, from the invitations to the favor bags. If you’re short on time, you can always purchase your party favors from My Sleepover party shop and decorate your party tents with Ester flavor. Let’s go through the party ideas and choose the best one that suits your child’s dream:

Easter Party ideas

#1 Create Some Attractive Invitations: 

Sending invitations ensures that everyone has the correct information regarding your sleepover’s date, time, and location and can also serve as another way to let your party theme truly shine. You can have a lot of designs to choose from but make sure you choose designs that match the Easter theme. You can also create some handcrafted invitations to show how heartily you are waiting for your guests to present at the Easter sleepover party. 

#2 Scavenger Hunt:

Say goodbye to winter and head outdoors for some sun and fun by way of an Easter Scavenger hunt. Children of any age can enjoy the enormous joy that comes with finding hidden treasures.

Put your guests’ puzzle-solving skills to the test by transforming your sleepover into a full-blown scavenger hunt. Set up your clues before everyone arrives, then see who’s the first to connect the dots and find the secret treasure. A scavenger hunt is a great game for a sleepover and you can totally customize it for Easter.

 #3 Cookie Decoration:

cookie decoration activity

Kids enjoy doing different fun activities of their own and there is at least one common interest,  they love decorating cookies. Though cookie decoration activity is popular for the winter holiday season, kids will still enjoy it in the springtime too. You can bake the plain sugar cookies and provide decoratives like edible glitter, dust, and sprinkles for the kids to decorate on their own.

#4 Set Up a Dessert Table: 

Set Up a Dessert Table

Host a memorable Easter sleepover party that leaves a lasting impression on the kids. As Easter is a family celebration, set up a separate attractive dessert table for the kids with cakes, decoratives, and sweets while adults enjoy some Easter cocktails.

#5 Easter Kids Craft: 

Easter is always special and when you plan to host an Easter sleepover party, it becomes even more special. To amuse the kids, you must have all the craft-making materials and get the kids engaged in doing their own crafts with their friends. You can host a bunny-themed celebration. Kids will love bunny-themed costumes with floppy ears and whiskers. Paper plate Easter bunny, Easter bunny handprint card, toilet paper roll bunny, cotton ball bunny, etc. could be some of the nice craft ideas that can be included in the party.

#6 Easter Egg Decoration: 

An Easter party without eggs! Just impossible and looks incomplete. So get eggs of different sizes and different colors. Let the kids color the eggs and decorate them with different fabrics and create their Easter egg baskets.

#7 Serve Your Guests with Bunny Plates:

This is a simple yet attractive idea to delight your guests. You can buy some beautiful bunny plates but you can even craft them at home with simple paper plates and colors. It can also be a good idea to involve the kids to give Easter treatment to the paper plates available at home. 

#8 Make Beautiful Favor Bags:
Kids had a bash on the entire party and let the “Good Bye” also be attractive. Don’t let the guests go with an old favorite bag, rather craft some with Easter flavor and let them look like bunnies. It doesn’t need any sewing skills but just some pieces of colorful paper. Glue them from 3 sides and cut from the top as they look like floppy bunny ears. Fill them with candies and finish the party with this memorable favor bag.

#9 Craft and Wear Bunny Party Hats:

Holidays are holidays and it deserves a party, and Easter is no exception. This Easter, celebrate with festive bunny party hats. These hats are super easy to make, and you can use them for birthday sleepover parties as well. DIY bunny party hat to celebrate in true bunny style. They’re perfect for an Easter hunt and kids especially enjoy a lot with this activity.  

#10 Paint the Party with Rainbow Theme:
Selecting a theme for your party is always challenging but as you wanted to give Easter flavor to your sleepover party, a Rainbow theme can be an eye-catching theme for your Easter party. So look no further, just collect Easter decor and eggs in various colors and create a rainbow spread on a table.

#11 Craft Bunny Garland:

Life has gone crazy but Easter has brought many families together to have a celebration that is remembered for a long time. Why not make this Easter party a bit more special by involving kids to do some super easy crafts along with the adults. There is nothing better than creating a bunny Easter garland that looks adorable on a mantel or Easter dessert table. Take some white cotton balls and add bunny ears, sew them all to make a bunny garland. You can even hang it on the walls of the sleepover set up to give the right easter flavor to your party.

#12 Create Easter Egg Kits:

Sleepovers are always kids’ favorite. Easter holidays further add excitement to it. When you are planning to host an Easter party for your child and co., present each guest with a basket filled with egg-decorating essentials: eggs, metallic markers, washi tape, and anything else that will help the eggs to dazzle. This will give a unique kind of experience to your guests and leave them with a memorable experience.

#13 Decorate Your Backyard:

Spring is on and it is a good time to set up your sleepover outdoors, especially in your backyard. The tents and other decorations are there but it is a nice idea to set the scene for your Easter kids’ party by decorating the backyard. Simply hang egg ornaments from your blooming bushes and trees to create a festive feel. Kids will definitely enjoy the tents along with the surroundings.

Sleepover Backyard setup ideas

There are many fabulous sleepover ideas to match the Easter theme and you just need to have some luxurious VIP tents, accessories, party favors, and gifts to make it super exciting and memorable for your child and friends. If you are looking for these items near the NYC and NJ area then look no further than My Sleepover Party. It has got everything you need for your party extravaganza.

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