8 Top Ways To Celebrate Graduation

8 Top Ways To Celebrate Graduation

It’s definitely a bittersweet time for parents as they watch their young adult take the next step forward. Whether that be the end of elementary school or sending them off to college, we want to make sure they have one last hoorah! We’ve created a list of eight super fun themes to make sure everyone has a blast. Have a professional photographer to cover any of these parties and add on custom backdrops and props for the cutest pictures that will last a lifetime.

1. Kindergarten Graduation

Get ready to celebrate your little one’s big achievement with our kindergarten graduation themed party! A first sleepover party is always something to remember. Invite the whole friend group over for their first sleepover party that they’ll never forget. Grab everything you need to make the day extra special, including kindergarten graduation themed t-shirts that your child and their friends can wear with pride. Custom kindergarten graduation themed stuffed animals are also a perfect gift for your little graduates, and they’ll love cuddling with them long after the party is over. Don’t forget our custom kindergarten graduation party favors to keep the fun going all day long. With all the party essentials, you can create a memorable and fun celebration that your child will cherish for years to come!

2. Future is Bright

It’s time to celebrate the little graduates! Introducing our Elementary School Graduation Party! Enjoy the sun and have a picnic! Did you know we offer outdoor teepee parties? Our low ride wooden tables offer a great way to invite some friends over for lunch! Complete the look with custom sunglasses and visors in the child’s name you can purchase. These fun accessories will make for great photo opportunities and will remind everyone of this special milestone. In addition to the sunglasses and visors, we also have elementary school graduation themed lightbulb party favors to light up the party. These favors are the perfect way to thank guests for celebrating with you. Let’s make this party a memorable one as we celebrate the graduates and their bright futures ahead!

3. 8th Grade Prom

Welcome to the ultimate 8th-grade graduation and prom-themed party! Get ready to celebrate with 8th-grade graduation-themed lawn signs, indoor decorations, and light-up balloons. As you enter, receive a freshman year themed friendship bracelet to commemorate the beginning of your high school journey. Dress in your best formal attire and get ready to dance the night away like a prom king or queen. The party includes prom king and queen crowns and sashes for the ultimate prom experience. Make sure to take lots of photos with the decorations and don’t forget to tag us on social media! After all the partying and dancing those middle schoolers are sure to be tired! What is the best way to end the night? Our super fun tents that come with little fairy lights so they can continue the magical night talking about all their memories from over the years. This party is the perfect way to celebrate the end of middle school and the start of your high school journey.

4. S.E.N.I.O.R.S

It’s time to celebrate your high school graduate with our themed party! Grab everything you need to create a memorable event, including high school graduation themed cups for your drinks. When we set up we always make sure to have custom name plates to celebrate everyone’s big achievement. Custom high school graduation themed photo banner is perfect for showcasing your graduate’s journey, and custom high school graduation themed sign with their name and graduation year is a must-have decoration. You can also get a custom high school graduation themed balloon box decoration to add some extra pizzazz to your party. And don’t forget custom high school graduation themed party favors to thank your guests for celebrating with you. Need something to do? Have your guests print out baby pictures of themselves and try to have everyone guess who’s who! With the right party essentials, you can create a celebration that your future college students will never forget! Adding on a balloon garland, personalized robes, and an Italian ice cart rental would really take your party to the next level!

5. Decision Day

Teenagers are sharing their college decisions all over social media with bed parties! Take those bed parties to a whole new level with our custom college decision day themed party! We’ll set up teepees in your schools colors along with luxury decorative cushions to make it even more special. Grab everything you need to make your special day unforgettable, including custom college decision day pillows, blankets, and flannel pants that will keep you cozy and stylish. What better way to celebrate than with our custom college decision day bottles, perfect for toasting to your academic achievements. With our party essentials, you can make your college decision day a memorable occasion that you’ll never forget. So gather your friends and family, and let’s celebrate your next chapter together!

6. College Graduation

Get ready to pop some bubbly at our champagne-themed party! Grab everything you need to celebrate in style, including custom champagne balloons, glasses, and labels that will make your party stand out. Champagne balloons are a perfect decoration for any occasion, and custom champagne glasses will make your guests feel like they’re sipping on something special. While sipping get one of our Canvas Art, Easel and Paint Set kids so you never get bored. Getting custom PJ’s to match all of your college besties is the best way to celebrate your last nights together. We also have custom champagne labels to make your bottles stand out. And don’t forget to celebrate your academic achievements with our college graduation banner! Feel free to have fun writing a letter to your future self, creating goals for them too on your own mood board. Raise a glass and cheers to your success, congrats on a great academic career!

7. Smart Cookie

Get ready to celebrate your graduation as a smart cookie! Who doesn’t love a late night snack? When booking with us you’ll have so much fun with all your sleepover activities you’ll definitely want to have a midnight snack with your besties. Have a variety of graduation-themed cookies that are perfect for your end of year celebration. Create a cookie bar that is stocked with freshly baked treats that will satisfy any sweet tooth. In addition to the delicious cookies, grab a graduation banner to help set the festive mood. To keep the festive mood going make sure you match your besties with our personalized robe and slipper set. Lastly, you’ll never be bored with a cookie decoration contest. Come and celebrate your academic achievements with your friends and family!

8. Oh the places you'll go!

Oh the places you’ll go, oh the places you’ll see, off to the next level of your life to be. Have a great time with banners, cookies, and a rainbow theme, your child will be filled with glee. At the end of it all read a book and have everyone sign it, the family will be glad in the future when you find it. Watch a fan favorite Dr. Suess movie with our outdoor movie screen rental and get comfy with our Inflatable Outdoor Movie Chairs as you celebrate your little one’s next stage in life!

Do you want to make your next celebration unforgettable? We have a theme for every occasion! Email us to plan the perfect sleepover party!

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