10 Awesome Teen Sleepover Party Ideas

10 Awesome Teen Sleepover Party Ideas

What are the best ideas to keep the fun going all night for teens at a sleepover? We have 10 epic party ideas below. Planning a successful sleepover requires some time and creativity, but you’ll feel better knowing you can keep an eye on the teenagers. Throwing a party at your house doesn’t have to be stressful. Especially when you book through a sleepover party rental company that takes care of all the details!
Here are some ideas for teen sleepover activities that you might want to consider:

#1. Spa Night

Spa sleepover night
Relax your tweens with a pampering spa night before they retire to bed to watch a romantic chick flick!
Slice some cucumbers, play some spa-inspired music, and get ready to relax. Teenagers can enjoy a day of enjoyment and relaxation at a party with a spa theme.

#2. Movie Night

Make it the coolest movie night ever! Pillows everywhere for lounging out in comfort, sweet or salty popcorn, decorations in theme – and of course some tasty drinks (think homemade lemonade, fruit punch, fizz)! Your teenagers will love watching their favorite movie in a Netflix & Chill setup!

#3. Paint and Sip
Every guest has the opportunity to unleash their inner artist at a sip and paint pajama party. The best part is that everyone will receive unique party favors to take home! A nice mocktail can be served at this type of theme party.

You should choose ahead of time which painting you and your guests will paint for this party. You should also allow enough time to get a good guest count and gather all of the materials for each attendee. In addition to painting masterpieces, you can set up a variety of DIY arts and crafts stations throughout the house.

To avoid having guests juggle eating and painting, schedule the serving of food for either before or after the painting session. Alternatively, offer people little sandwiches to munch on while they paint!

#4. Dance Party
Boost the volume and get ready to dance!

It’s fun to get a good sweat on whenever you dance in your pajamas. However, having a pajama party with your friends makes it even more fun! Ask your guests to recommend their favorite dance songs before the event so you can add them to the playlist.

You can also divide into groups and prepare a dance routine to perform in front of the rest of the group at the end of the night. Want to work out your lungs as well as your feet? Take things to the next level by incorporating some karaoke!

#5. Hotel Sleepover

Older teens will value the opulent setting and the added freedom provided by a hotel sleepover. Additionally, hotels frequently offer a pool, possibly a game room, and the chance to order a movie before guests go to sleep (if they do!).

If at all possible, book adjacent rooms so that all the teens can stay close but away from the laughter and noise.

#6. Tik Tok
Consider a TikTok party theme that the kids will enjoy! If you’re unsure of what to do at a TikTok sleepover party, here are some suggestions.

Making TikTok videos is the main focus of TikTok sleepovers, but there are also other enjoyable activities available. With these sleepover ideas, there won’t be a shortage of activities for this theme!

Ideas for a TikTok sleepover

  • Create a dance video
  • Make a TikTok sleepover party challenge
  • Make parodies of popular challenges using favorite songs
  • Make your own TikTok sleepover song by selecting a duet
  • Make a party playlist out of TikTok’s greatest hits
  • Dress up as your favorite TikTok celebrities
  • Take and share TikTok-themed photos with fun party props

Any sleepover party idea can be converted to a TikTok sleepover party idea simply by using the theme colors. So, think outside the box when it comes to TikTok slumber party ideas!

#7. Throw a Pool Party
If you live somewhere warm, fill the pool with oversized inflatables, make a fun mocktail, turn on some music, and throw a pool party. Of course, guests should bring their bathing suits and sunscreen, and you should provide some shade and clean towels.

If you don’t have a pool of your own, you can still host private events at the indoor or outdoor community pools in your area.

#8. Throw a Shopping Party
A shopping party can be a low-cost, enjoyable way to engage teens. To assist the birthday teen in choosing a few new outfits, you can even hire a personal shopper; many retailers provide this service for no cost or at a low cost.

Your teen’s friends can offer expert advice, take photos, and shop for themselves. The day can then be finished off by including lunch or by inviting everyone back to the house for a fashion show later on.

Provide your teen with a gift card in advance so they can shop for a few of their favorite outfits without you being present. Stick to a small party of three or four, since retailers won’t want too many teenagers taking up space in the changing area.

#9. Make Creative Things:
Let the teens creativity and design talent flow by making things such as decorating pillowcases, creating customized photo frames, designing jewelry such as bracelets and necklaces. These activities are sure to help your teens have some great fun.

#10. Host a Dinner Party

Enjoying fine cuisine at home will teach your teen and their friends how to prepare food and serve it. Ask guests to wear their fanciest clothes (we’re talking ball gowns/prom-style dresses, tuxedos, and lots of costume jewelry).

Serve something elegant, such as champagne flutes filled with sparkling apple juice. Then finish the night with a movie-filled sleepover.
Check for dietary restrictions to ensure that everyone can participate in the feast. Depending on the guests’ tastes, you might also want to serve classic teen favorites like pizza while dressing it up fancy.

Whatever theme you decide on for your teen’s sleepover party, My Sleepover Party has the party supplies and favors you need to make your planning simple. Visit My Sleepover Party Shop right now to place your order. My Sleepover Party sells and rents beautiful, designer-themed teen sleepover tents complete with air mattresses, sheets, pillows, and decor in the New Jersey and NYC areas.

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